I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, almost.  And the worst part is that I’m actually quite relieved.  I’m obviously still in shock.

That’s right.  Today I walked out of Uni High for the last time as a student.  For the first time in 13 years I will be free to do (mostly) whatever I choose (for a year).  It is a pity, I guess, but in all honesty, this year almost killed me.  I worked harder than I ever have before, and I even still have the feeling that my marks won’t be backing that.

Yes, I certainly have quite some memories left.  The 3:17.  The six way squash.  Damien missing something.  The timetable fixation.  Water bombs.  Ms. Foxall’s thesis on passing wind (‘What are you all laughing about?  It’s only natural!’).  The tamagotchi.  Ms. MacLaren’s friend Alec.  The paper springs.  Mr. Moyle’s antics.  (The line up of girls being dominoed across the room.  The rude finger.  The circumcised test tube.)  The cannibal picture.  The glued music books.  Some of Mr. Nagorcka’s antics.  (‘You’re a pest, James. What are you? A pest!’  ‘AaaaAAAHHH bup bup bup bup bup bup!’) Jean Jean and Florentina.  Gabriel’s foot.  The student English teacher that couldn’t spell ‘about’ (‘abat’).  The rearranged Start menu.  Ms. Sturma and the big dongers.  The photocopier.  Ms. Gillard’s class (‘AMOS?!’).  Wubble you.  Kell logs.  Mr. Coles’ German.  Michael’s pencil case (and what we found inside).  The pleasure of an air bag.

And of course there were a couple of people that really mattered to me, who I won’t forget in a hurry.  But I’m sure you guys probably don’t want to hear that.  You’d like to know what’s in store for the site.  Well, Pinky’s Column is up.  Marvel at my guest writer’s rantings and ravings.  Also, there’s only one title on My Pieces that lacks a download.  How about that!

Anything else? Yes, thanks for reminding me.  That section will become the launch pad of future pages, the accomodation for present homeless pages and the rubbish bin for past pages.  And finally, I’ve decided that if you want to contact me, it won’t be possible unless you already know my Email.