It’s been a while since my last update; I am aware.  But nonetheless, the rate of visits to the site has been steady, and it gives me great pleasure to know, and boast, that one lucky viewer was graced with this text:

300 visitors since October 2002

Of course, there have been a few sceptics out there who have approached me with questions like ‘aren’t most of those visits yours anyway?’.  Let me just take this opportunity to let you know that I only ever view my offline copy to edit and test the site.  I very rarely go to the online one; I have been here a couple of times though to check that the counter works, and when I had to transfer web hosts.  That’s about it.

A new guest writer has been added to the Guest Writers section.  Hopefully this one will be more active than the other two, who haven’t seemed to modify their articles once.  Thanks, guys.

You may also find, as a gift, that I’ve added the background images that I’ve been planning to add for some time now.  I’ve also moved old posts off the main page and tidied up some areas a little bit.  Hope you like it.