An extremely weird mood.  A mood that I can’t explain.  Sometimes I just end up in a mood like this.  I’m pretty sure I know the cause, but I’m not prepared to share it with the entire rest of the world.

On a lighter note though, my site has reached a thousand visitors!  That would have to be an accomplishment for any personal website, if you ask me.  Still, my cousin’s site manages to get a lot more hits than mine.  Maybe I should chuck my URL at random people too!

Someone has kindly informed me that ‘I am’ isn’t the shortest sentence in the English Language, but that ‘go’ is.  I probably should update that page and thank that person, but I just can’t be bothered.  I seem to have lost all interest in maintaining this site at the moment.

Am I suffering some sort of mild depression?  Perhaps this person might have something to do with my current mood?  Perhaps—stay tuned and we’ll find out next time.