I’ve decided that I do indeed want to go to Uni, and that I’ll be happy when the time comes (not that there was ever any doubt that I would go, but I couldn’t see myself looking forward to it).

Life will be much more interesting once I’m back at school, anyway.  I might even see some people I used to know from school, and boy, will they be surprised at how much I’ve changed.  So ha! to all of those people who said to me, back when I was deciding whether or not to defer—‘Oh, Alex, I wouldn’t recommend that; I know so many people who all said the same thing and they just continued working and never went back to Uni because they didn’t want their income to stop’, etc. etc.

Incidentally, I’m flat broke anyway, despite having a job.  So there won’t really be such a thing as a cease of cash flow for me.  I’m not too happy with my employer at all, at this moment.  I didn’t take a year off from school to work five hours a week.  This roster has me working five hours over a minimum span of ten days.

Anyway, to relate this post to the site: I updated 20030302 to use a different instrument set.  Sounds much better.  Also added in another part to it that I did a long, long time ago.