I’ve come home from a shift with Kateena tonight and I’m feeling so damn spectacularly great.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this good—it would have to be three months ago at the very least?

The last 24 hours or so have been quite significant for me—I’ve gone into one of those deep thought modes that I try to avoid but this time I’ve come out a winner.  I’ve basically resolved all of my ‘issues’ at the moment.

I’ve been given enough reason to completely discard all my recent doubts regarding friendships.  I’ve been able to free myself of emotional baggage that’s been weighing me down for months now, which is proving easier at the moment than I thought it would be.  People are letting me know how highly they think of me and proving it by means as drastic as home made confectionery.

I feel fantastic knowing that my friends were willing to turn up to my birthday dinner thing despite having other places to go afterwards or being expected to go to another party instead.  It really makes me feel appreciated.

My room is spotlessly tidy and you can walk through it without slicing your feet.  I’m working many many hours, most of which with people I really love to work with, and my superiors are finally noticing the hard work I put in and singing praise.

Everything is going so well in my life at the moment, and I see no downfall of any kind headed my way—that’s the best part.

<!– By the way, if you and you don’t update your blog within an hour of reading this, I shall be forced to do something very drastic and you will not like it. –>