I have considered myself to be a person without emotions and feelings for a little while now, but I sure do seem to write ‘I feel’ a lot for such a person.  So perhaps I have been quite wrong and I’m considering not seeing myself that way anymore.

I feel… that emotion that one feels when they’re accepting something that’s going on that they don’t like and can’t stop.  I know that a term exists for this but it escapes me at the moment… admission, perhaps?  And I have been feeling the need today to add a new post to my site.  So here it is.

What have I been up to in the last two weeks?  I have been working many hours.  I have bought myself a digital camera and rendered myself flat broke.  I have been out to dinner with my boss.  I have let my room degenerate into one hell of a mess that I don’t see myself getting motivated enough to even start cleaning anytime soon.  I have started myself up on multi-vitamins and I am starting to feel better already.  I keep neglecting to buy myself some Sustagen though, despite constant endorsement by one of my peers.

I have also decided to start documenting my thoughts, because I know I spend a lot of time ruminating but then I find later that I have no idea what it is that I’ve been reflecting upon.  And so I have started to write everything down as it comes to mind, which presents me with a fairly good idea of what runs through my head.  That can’t really hurt now, can it?

Another advantage to this is that I should be able to post more oftenly to my site.  Not everything I think about is fit for serving up here, firstly for the quite obvious reason that it’ll generally involve the people that read it.  But still, it gives me less of an excuse not to post more frequently now that I know what’s going through my brain so yeah.