One day at high school, I was asked how I wanted to see myself in ten years’ time.  I said that I wanted to be buried in money.

Well, ten years aren’t up yet (they can’t possibly be) but I’m definitely buried in bills—and not of the dollar kind.  I rushed up to my local library to borrow a book and it turns out that I owe the place a whopping $50.60 in overdue fees.

Of course, I was like ‘what the hell?’ and they showed me the details.  Basically I had borrowed 11 books, and returned them all 46 days overdue.  At 10c per book per day, that’s $50.60.

I got a cheque for $150 for Christmas, which is a good thing, because now it’s all going to fines.  I can only hope that the person that gave it to me doesn’t ask what it was all spent on.

The fact that I borrow books, and then store them on my desk to gather dust for a few months, and then return them late and owe large sums of money—that annoys me for a start.  Then, to that I’ll add that I don’t even open the damn things to read.  So why the hell do I keep doing this?

I’m going to read the 14 books that I have on my desk right now.  And I’m going to keep renewing them until I’ve read them.  And I’m not going to owe any more money.  And I’m not paying all of that $50.60 either, I can tell you that.

It’s a pity, because I was seriously considering dropping a resumé into the local library.  But if I can rack up $50.60 in fines, then are they really going to want to hire me?  Especially if I refuse to pay it?