Here’s something for you all to remember: when you’re swinging a computer monitor around over your head, pay more attention to your light fittings or you’ll have a mass of electircal wiring hanging from your ceiling and shards of glass all over the place, including your desk, your bedside table, your floor, your chair and your bed.

So, has anything interesting other than buying new light fittings happened to me since my last post?  Why, of course—I’ve spent time with Jess, I’ve done heaps of grocery shopping, I’ve started getting my sleep patterns into order again, my new mobile has been mauled upon by a dog and I’ve decided that beef jerky should be a part of my staple diet.

I also got rid of all the ancient PCs that were cluttering up my wardrobe, hence the need for a new light.  One of these was my first ever computer system, a 386 with 100MB of hard disk space and 1MB of RAM.  Its dodgy specs outweighed its sentimental value however and as such, it now lives in another suburb, most probably in pieces.

I also came across something on one of my recent grocering encounters that I thought I never would again: caramel flavoured Space Food Sticks.  These used to be my favouritest food in the world, and the last time I ate one would have been when I was about six, so I was rapt to find many boxes of them in the clearance trolley, the price of each box equal to that one would normally pay for one stick.  Needless to say, I bought all of the boxes in the trolley.  And some soy juice too—it was also something like 60% off.

And how am I feeling?  Well, my mind may be plagued with unwanted thoughts, visions and emotions and I may have a few issues with some people—but I’m not letting these stop me from getting the job done.  I’m doing alright, and for now I’ll continue to live life in the only way I know how.