Well, one issue on my mind has been resolved now and my head already feels lighter—I’m no longer going to give so much of a flying duck about other people’s expectations of me.

This one has been weighing down on me for longer than I had originally thought, with pressure from family members and such regarding my decision to defer from Uni, why I’m still not there yet and such.  But more recently there have been social obligements taking place in environments where I just don’t or won’t feel comfortable.  I’ve worried many a time what would be thought of me if I weren’t to make it to such events, but now I really don’t care anymore.

If I don’t want to do something and the only reason I would do that something is based on what others will think of me, then I just won’t do it.  I don’t care what’ll be thought of me.  I need to start being more honest about how I feel and less concerned about my image.