[She] decided to tell me how she had felt about me when she was going through a rough time with [him].  Was it because she felt we were friends enough for her to share that with me, and it was just conveniently timed given the events that had taken place?  Or perhaps it was because she strongly felt that her relationship was over?

Since my last real post I’ve had quite some exciting things happening to me—perhaps I should post entries more often.

I spent two weeks sick as a dog with some of the symptoms sticking around a whole week later.  It was very much like the flu but two different doctors didn’t diagnose it as such and the antibiotics I got off one of them didn’t do a thing.  As I write this I’m still almost completely deaf from the blocked ears and I’m still coughing up stuff that I most probably shouldn’t be.

I actually went out and saw a movie!  Note the well-deserved exclamation point at the end of that—I don’t go to movies very often because it’s not often that anyone will want to go with me.  I’ve probably gone about five times since however long ago it was that a movie ticket cost $7.50.  These stupid little bits of paper are now freakingly expensive at $14.50 each.

I got the chance (and good enough weather) to go out and take lots of photos of inanimate objects like trees, lakes, buildings and the animals that like to hang around my house.  I’m really quite pleased with some of the 80 shots that I took on the day and I look forward to my next day off work because if it’s good weather then I’ll be out doing it again.

I approached my boss about the possibility of more important shifts at work and was rejected because someone cheaper can do an adequate job.  This, in my opinion, is what led me to search and apply for more jobs later in the week, which I’ll get to.

I can’t save any money with my current set of monetary obligations unless I earn more money.  Since I already work a rather large number of hours per week, I can’t earn any more money without requesting a raise, and I can’t really request a raise without doing anything that merits one, like managing a certain smaller store down the road that doesn’t actually have a manager and is in dire need of one.  And despite the sporadic show of appreciation and acknowledgement that I can do a better job than almost everyone else, if my set of responsibilities are going to be the same as everyone else’s then I have no incentive to keep myself available for work every day and night of the week.

I passed out at the casino without the aid of sleep deprivation or any drugs.  This was a new experience for me since something like this has never happened to me before.  It almost happened to me earlier in the fortnight but I was able to sit myself down before it got worse.  This time however, I was stuck in a queue.  I managed to get out of the queue but before I could sit myself down nicely I ended up on the floor entirely, managing to partially pull the curtain behind me off its rail.  When I realised my head was on the floor I quickly tried to sit up but by then enough people had noticed.  Bah, stupid flu-like sickness making me look like I’m off my face.

I applied for two new positions.  One involves whatever library-type people do at one of my local libraries—the one to which I owe $50.60 in overdue fees.  The other, despite my pledge never to apply for a food-handling job, is at a semi-local juice bar.

Ideally, I would be accepted for both.  The library job would be a nice change from the whole foody thing, it would pay quite well and it would look good on my resumé, while the juice bar would provide me with a fun and friendly atmosphere and an outlet to be stupid and entertaining and stuff.  And if I had both jobs, I’d be able to get rid of the one I currently have as soon as they could get by without me.

One of the reasons I decided to apply for the juice bar and the sole reason why I’m so eager to get an interview is because I’d really like to get to know the people that keep the place running.  They seem like fun, fantastic people with great personalities and I also feel that working there would be like a walk in the park compared to what I have to do at the moment.  Not only that but perhaps some of the greatness they manifest could possibly rub off on me… and perhaps that subconsciously influenced my decision to apply for it?

I have decided that I should substantially incorporate McCafé latte frappes into my weekly diet.  I noticed these things while I was on a mission to bring back my superiors-at-work ‘good coffee’ from McDonalds.  And I really, really like them.  There are also another few flavours that I’d like to (and most definitely will) try in the near future.

I honestly think it’s great that McDonald’s is finally offering some finer foods, and by finer I mean things that appeal to me be it because they’re lower in fat or because they’re drinks that are 50% ice.  I like drinks like that.  And by emphasising through their advertising just how much better their Salads Plus menu is nutritionally than the rest of their crap, younger people are becoming more and more aware of what’s good to stick in their mouths and what isn’t.  And with all the news of childhood obesity and bad arteries in teenagers and other stuff that I’m making up on the spot, it really can’t hurt.

It looks like I’m the only person in my circle of friends who cares about updating their online journal anymore.  It really is a pity because as bad as it sounds, I’d be much more likely to find out something that’s happened to them or how they feel through their blog long before real contact (contact not taking place over Email or MSN) with them, mainly because all contact with my friends seems quite sporadic at the moment.

Okay, journal entries should be about three paragraphs long—proof that I should post more often.  And don’t you worry, if exciting, interesting things keep happening to me then I’ll have reason to post more often.