Ironic, I think it is; my excuse for not updating my Journal was, at some point, that nothing and only nothing was happening in my life.  In one respect my excuse still is completely valid since nothing of major interest has indeed taken place; I now sit here though feeling as if so many things have happened that I’ll never be able to remember them all to share them.

I finally got my act together and applied for some Uni courses.  I can no longer remember who it was that unfailingly dished out the woe-is-me number every time Uni and I were mentioned in the same sentence; it felt at times that pretty much everyone knew my destiny, that tertiary education simply wouldn’t be a part of it now that I had moved straight from finishing high school to working full time.  But as I forecasted, I ultimately decided that I do want to spend my time at Uni studying computers and programming and that sort of stuff, and I did enrol.  So ha.

After failing to hear back from the Boost juice bar, I got over it and started applying elsewhere.  I applied again for a librarian position at a different library (the one to which I still owe $50.85 in fines) and eventually received a letter in the mail divulging the bad news.  This said letter is dated somewhere in the year 20,044 which isn’t exactly the timeliest of responses, but through a process I don’t quite understand yet, they very considerately managed to get it to me about 18,000 years before they wrote it, and it was very nice of them to indeed get back to me at all; a pleasure in which I am yet to indulge from any other prospective employer.

Since applying at the Boost juice bar I expressed my interest at a local telecommunications shop that was opening in my area.  Things were looking good there for a while with the landing of a second interview and all but then they had to go and do the we’ll call you in five days thing and I never heard from them.  My subsequent attempts at getting in touch with them rewarded me with nothing more than a runaround of royal proportions, so I’ve lost any hope there.  For what it’s worth though, I don’t think I’d make a good salesperson anyway.

This week I’ve been quite busy in the job hunting department.  I’ve applied for a call centre operator position at a location five minutes away from home; for a receptionist position at a location that’s forty minutes away but convenient to get to; and I’ve submitted myself to three different job agencies.

Anyone who knows me will probably now be requestioning my sanity.  I’m actually quite sane; thank you for asking instead of just assuming otherwise.  I have three years of customer service up my sleeve and nothing else (with the exception of some lettuce maybe, but then do I ever wear sleeves?) which is why I feel that anything beyond customer service or reception work is beyond my league at the moment.

Working for three years at a sandwich shop must look terrible to a prospective employer… unless they think, hey, this guy can really stick out a terrible job.  In case you can’t guess why I’m applying like an ointment, I’ll figuratively spell it out for you: I can’t stand Subway anymore.  Three years making subs and cleaning ovens are probably as good for one’s sanity as they are for one’s résumé.

And then of course when you have the knowledge that a higher power likes to backstab you, that doesn’t really help.  It’s not that I mind criticism that isn’t constructive—at least when it’s justified and when one’s willing to share it with me—but when this particular person likes to bitch and bitch at staff meetings about how much backstabbing already supposedly takes place at our store (which it really doesn’t) and how it should stop, that just makes me mad.

I really don’t like it said that I’m too big for my boots.  I find it very, very unfair particularly because I feel I am so not.  I like to make fun of all these cocky, arrogant pricks that come into my work and pride myself that I’m not one and that I’m not seen as one.  I can’t think of one thing that I have done to be awarded this supposed fault either.

Oh well.  I’ll just take comfort in knowing that when I leave this job for a better one, I’ll be getting paid more than this woman… and in knowing that I won’t be assistant-managing a sandwich shop when I’m over 40.

I’ve been working on getting to sleep earlier in the night (like before three or four in the morning) and getting up earlier, and so far I’ve been going well at that.  On most nights I manage to get myself to bed before midnight or before 11.30 and then I’m up by eight or 8.30, which is fantastic because I actually do stuff in the mornings then.  I feel like I’m putting my time to better use.  Mind you, it’s almost 12.30 as I type this so I’m not exactly the most disciplined at this yet.

At some point since my last post I worked a 95-hour fortnight and spent my whole pay almost instantly on a new computer and networking gear.  It took me a whole week to get the three computers reformatted and talking to eachother over the network, but it really is great to have the speed back and to be able to turn my computer off at night and get some decent sleep.  It’s a long story but if, before I went out and changed everything, I were to turn my computer off then my website and Jess’ website would all go offline, among other things not working properly, until I turned it back on.

I wrote a piano part for something I’m working on that I can actually play.  This excited me quite a lot because until now, there has really been nothing that I can play properly and in real time.  It’s almost motivating me to learn other stuff for the piano or keyboard, or perhaps even to try and learn to play a guitar.  Motivation, eh?  Damn, I’ll have to work on waning that down…

I’m feeling rather sore about relationships and such right now and I’ll probably run with a sledgehammer at anyone that dares to propose one.  I don’t really feel like listening to anyone in a relationship about how happy or how unhappy they are, and I don’t really feel like being asked for advice on any related facet.  I mean seriously, it’s not like I can offer advice based on experience, and it’s not like any of my advice on the topic is ever taken.

Anyway, I think that’s about all there is to share for now other than my bank balance of $7.94, which is all I have for the next seven days.  That’s another thing about every single job I see—they all offer pay rates almost twice as high as the one I’m sitting on at the moment.  But yeah, that and this: if you want me to post more often then be a reason!  Do something or make me do something that I can make journal-worthy.  Then we’ll all be happier.