Luckily, I’ve tread carefully enough not to position myself for another potential downfall, and I feel good knowing that.  Nevertheless though, I can safely say that the next month or so is going to be an emotionally taxing time for me.  Not because I want it to, I hope that’s obvious—but because pensiveness is a pastime in which I excel.

I’m living in a bout of confusion at the moment.  I have many an issue swimming around in my head, fortunately an almost entirely different set of issues to the set I had a couple months ago—but my feeble attempts at lessening the chaos within by outlining them on paper have proved less than effective.

Statuswise, a handful of these issues are on hold for now.  These are a subset of issues where I don’t want to partake in the outcome, and as such there’s very little chance that these will be resolved within the next month.  There’s always the possibility of me being quite wrong here, but ideally I won’t be.  I don’t think I want to be for fear of the implications.  To be truthful, I don’t even want to think of these issues of mine for the month since it will do no good, but we all know how I function.

And then there are completely different issues, these ones geared toward a completely different set of people and relating to what people are expecting of me, how they react when I don’t behave in their expected way, and how people are responding to certain actions of mine, to name a few.

I’m having a rather hard time trying to express myself in general, actually.  It has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to write out the above and after quickly reading it, it barely passes as coherent.  This of course is why I hardly ever update my news posts.  That and there’s never much news in my life worthy of broadcasting anyway.