“If I liken you to a locust, I’m probably not trying to be nice.  Then again, if I liken you to a locust, I probably have quite a good reason.  Just a heads-up.”

This is an amusing quip I made on Facebook recently under the influence of heavy fatigue.  It’s the only thing I’ve written recently that sounded remotely suitable for the title of this, my fourth online journal incarnation.

I think I’ve realised by this point that regular, consistent journalling just isn’t for me.  However, I do have bouts where I wish I had the means to do so for a little while without technology getting in the way.  I also figured that consolidating all my past public journal posts in one place might be a clever idea.

And so here I am on WordPress.  I don’t maintain the technology, so it can’t get in the way.  I’ve imported the content from two of my three past blogs so far, with full intentions of importing the very first (which surprisingly spans a period of over two years) sometime soon.

And as for near-future content: who knows?  I’m at a point where things around me are starting to weigh me down, and I guess I’d like to start learning a bit more about myself.  I foresee at least some near-future content.