Car was heckled today by a directionally disoriented cyclist.

Most importantly, The Cyclist is fine bar a few scratches to the knee—thank goodness he was wearing a helmet or things could have been much, much worse.

I was in the left turn lane from Alexandra Parade into Nicholson Street during morning peak.  Traffic was mostly at a standstill, but traffic in this lane was moving.  The Cyclist veered out from the left of my lane without looking to join the left of the next one, likely mentally satisfied that all traffic was stopped.  I slammed on the brakes; he then saw me and veered back.  He didn’t quite make it though; the bike was totalled and Car suffered some superficial damage.

Luckily John was there as “one of the three protagonists.” My first reaction was to panic, and it seems that I was actually the only one out of the three of us to do so. The other two seemed quite calm about it all, which I suppose is what’s desired.

Damage to the front of the car

Damage to the alloy wheel

The first quote for Car’s repairs comes in at $1,600.00, not including the wheel damage.  Not quite sure where money like that might be found yet, or whether the apparent damage justifies that cost.

The Cyclist admits to being at fault (“I get away with it often”) but has no insurance and is obviously a uni student with little cash flow, so there was no exchange of details and there will be no further involvement.  The need for a new bike and the scare of almost being killed (and hopefully better future alertness) is probably enough to take away.