I’ve had enough of computers—at least in the professional sense.

With this decision made, my notice has been handed in at work and now I must decide how the 40 hours a week of keeping the roof over my head will soon be spent.  (Not that that roof will always keep my head dry, as it turns out.)  And the fact that “something completely different” comprises countless possibilities is somewhat daunting.

I’d like something that gets me away from a desk.  Something that involves movement.  Something that gets me dealing directly with people.  Something for which I can dress up a little, maybe.  Something that can present the opportunity for advancement.  Something that doesn’t drain me of all of my mental and physical energy.  And perhaps most importantly (at least for now), something that can’t come home with me once I punch out for the day.

Part of me wants to take this opportunity to scratch some itches and dabble (or maybe even settle) in some areas that interested me before computers decided to monopolise the picture.  I’ve loved trains and trams for as long as I can remember; it would be awesome to get involved there somehow.  I’m booked in for a Medium Rigid licence training course; perhaps I could look into some other facet of the transport industry.

Anything that won’t have me staring at a computer screen for hours at a time will be nice, though.

With almost suspiciously good timing, a real estate agent who is tasked with finding a new tenant for my apartment has asked me to get in touch if I might be interested in becoming a Property Manager.  That role looks like it might fit all of the criteria I’ve listed above.

I wonder what other employment ideas I’m missing right now?

With mental energy left after work, I’ll be in a better position to do something productive outside business hours.  It’d be nice to work on some personal programming projects and release some of my work to the open source community.  I have some ideas for some financial modules I could release on CPAN.

Or, you know, I could reacquaint myself with some friends and family who must certainly feel long forgotten by now after months (and in some cases, years) of neglect.

It’s going to be an interesting few months.  That is pretty much the only guaranteed constant for now.