Back in 2002 while taking a high school subject called English Language, my teacher asked me to describe the term “tautology.”  I had no idea what it actually meant but recognised that it sounded precisely like “torte” and “-ology,” and so I offered “the study of cake” as my response.

Knowing the right answer was probably preferred, but the way I delivered my concession did at least bring a laugh for all involved and it was certainly more creative than “I don’t know.”

Stupidly, I’m somewhat proud of myself that only one reference to this idea seems to exist on the internet today and it was made four years after mine.

Perhaps also stupidly, I’m somewhat disappointed that no one appears to have adopted this name for a cake business yet.  Would people get too confused?  It’s not like they go to a reasonably well-known card and gift retailer expecting information on the structure, function, and disorders of the heart based on its name alone—right?

ASIC Gazette 20/07 does list the deregistration of Tortology Pty. Ltd. around May 2007.  Failed cake venture or something else entirely?  It may remain a mystery forever.