I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time and effort getting simple things done sometimes, especially when those things require the involvement of some external entity.

  • connecting a land-based phone line
  • receiving my tax refund
  • organising a gas connection
  • receiving the correct amount of mobile data for what I’m paying
  • organising repair of a broken vent in the kitchen
  • replacing a broken caster wheel on a home appliance

These are just a few of the things that stand out in my mind as having required ridiculous amounts of work to action, sometimes still even to no avail.  And as I see more and more of my free time lost to such stupid things, I’m getting more and more frustrated.

Accordingly, I introduce a new category of posts: Alex vs. The World.  Once these simple administrative tasks draw out beyond a certain threshold of effort, I’ll endeavour to slap them up here for the sake of catharsis and hopefully, entertainment to someone else out there.  Perhaps I’ll even find that I’m not alone in some instances.

The first post in this series follows.