I’m coming down a hill in a C-class tram in a 60kph zone.  It has just started drizzling, which makes the tram more prone to slipping and dramatically increases the distance needed to stop, so I’ve reduced my speed to 45kph.  An expensive black sedan pulls an illegal U-turn with no warning and then stops across the tracks because there isn’t room to complete it without reversing.  I slam on the emergency brakes, go into a skid because of the weather conditions, and end up a couple metres behind him before he actually reverses out of my path.  I come to a rough stop beside the car.  Because the gong is automatically activated during the braking, the driver of the car assumes that I’m after his attention and tries to communicate with me through two layers of glass.  Since I’ve already stopped, I figure I may as well entertain this.

Car driver: “What’s the issue?”

Me: “I’m in a 28-ton vehicle coming down a hill, and you have performed an illegal turn in front of me and then stopped.”

Car driver: “But I got out of the way.”

Me: “You hadn’t before I had to apply the emergency brakes, and in any case I couldn’t assume that you would have.”

Car passenger: “You were going pretty fast down the hill though, weren’t you?”

Me: “I was doing 45.  It’s a 60 zone.”

Car passenger: “Are you sure about that?”

Me: “Yes. Absolutely positive.”

Car passenger: “Okay then…”

Me: “…righto…”

Me: *returns to tram quite confident that they have no idea what almost just happened*