Juice bar sign: “Grab these smoothies with full cream milk, skim milk or soy milk.”

Me: “I’ll have a #12 with soy milk, please.”

Juice girl: “We don’t offer soy milk; only full cream or skim.”

Me: “You sure?  Your sign suggests otherwise.”

Juice girl: “No.  Only full cream or skim.”

Me: “…if I go to Coles and buy my own soy milk, will you make it with soy?”

Juice girl: “I have to check…yes, that’s okay.”

I go to Coles, purchase a carton of soy milk, then hand it to the juice girl.  My dream of a smoothie with soy milk—as advertised—was realised.  No discount for supplying my own ingredients.  (I did get the remainder of the milk back though.)