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My favourite YouTube videos of 2011

I had a couple posts with more substance lined up, but they’re not ready.  So, for the sake of publishing a post for December here are some of the videos I enjoyed enough during 2011 to bookmark. More »

Someone stole my hot water

That is, literally, physically stole it.

Photo of empty hot water cabinet bracket

Where I assume the bits responsible for making the water hot once resided—but then I really have no idea.

Woke up this morning with no hot water, went to work without having showered, came home on my break to sort out what I thought must be a billing problem, and after several calls ended up speaking to the body corporate.

Turns out that last night someone physically stole the mechanical parts of the apartment complex that provide the hot water.  Like, to the entire complex.

Who would do such a thing and why completely eludes me, but there you have it.

Matthew Broderick photobomb?

Photo of two unidentified individuals at Pink Salmon in Hawthorn, one looking suspiciously like Matthew Broderick

Why so pensive?

Probably wondering how on earth he ended up in Hawthorn.

Is this irony?

Partial view of the front of a dinner menu, with text "Head Chef: Kahn Cook"

“Sorry, I don’t speak Sanskrit”


Looks like it might be time for that scheduled service.

The sky is falling

What should you do when a light fitting in your apartment starts gushing litres of water?

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Billie Holiday: “The Lady Lives”

Source: ESP-Disk’ 収集記

It greatly amuses me that someone thought this to be a good shot for an album cover.  Should it?

El Chombo: Chacarron Macarron

My life was not completely fulfilled before I came across this video.  Thanks, Emily.

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My favourite picture this week

Source: Overclockers Australia

Knowing the (pneumatic) drill

Me: “I should become…A LUMBERJACK!”

Abe: “Haha, you like to vibrate?”


“Wait—what’s a lumberjack?”