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Passenger Encounters #9

I’m coming down a hill in a C-class tram in a 60kph zone.  It has just started drizzling, which makes the tram more prone to slipping and dramatically increases the distance needed to stop, so I’ve reduced my speed to 45kph.  An expensive black sedan pulls an illegal U-turn with no warning and then stops across the tracks because there isn’t room to complete it without reversing.  I slam on the emergency brakes, go into a skid because of the weather conditions, and end up a couple metres behind him before he actually reverses out of my path.  I come to a rough stop beside the car.  Because the gong is automatically activated during the braking, the driver of the car assumes that I’m after his attention and tries to communicate with me through two layers of glass.  Since I’ve already stopped, I figure I may as well entertain this.

Car driver: “What’s the issue?”

Me: “I’m in a 28-ton vehicle coming down a hill, and you have performed an illegal turn in front of me and then stopped.”

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Passenger Encounters #8

Passenger: “Does this go to Wellington Street?”

Me: “Yes.  Wellington Street is three stops away.”

Me over PA on approach: “The next stop is Wellington Street.”

Me over PA at stop: “This is Wellington Street.”

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Passenger Encounters #7

Kid #1 at Port Melbourne: “Hey, can I have your autograph?”

Kids #2 and #3: “Me too!!”

Me: “…uh, sure…”

I inscribe TRAM DRIVER™ on each kid’s arm with my blue biro.

Kid #2: “Is your name Tim?”

Me: “No, it’s Alex.”

Kid #2: “But why did you write ‘Tim?'”

Me: “That’s ‘Trade Mark’!”

Kid #2: “Oh!”

Passenger Encounters #6

Me, over the PA system: “The next stop is Kew Junction.”

Unknown female-sounding passenger: “I KNOW THAT!!!”

Me, over the PA system: “My apologies.”

Passenger Encounters #5

I’ve pulled into the Victoria Harbour terminus and set down all of my passengers.  Another tram is at the end of the line, waiting until their time to enter the stop.  I’m sitting alone in the passenger saloon on my phone ordering a pizza so that it’s ready for my dinner break.  A woman comes up to my window.

Woman: *aggressive knocking on side of tram*

Me: *hangs up on pizza order, unlocks door and walks onto platform*

Me: “Hi!”

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Passenger Encounters #4

Woman at city stop: “A Chinese boy at the back of the tram needs to get to Longview Road in North Balwyn.  I think it’s near the end of the line.”

Me: “Okay.”  *makes mental note to research Longview Road on phone at terminus*

Chinese boy at end of line: *wanders around stop aimlessly*

Me: “Are you looking for Longview Road?”

Chinese boy: *nods*

Me: *researches Longview Road on phone*

Me: “Longview Road is two stops back.  If you jump back on the tram I can take you there.  It will be on the right when you get off.”

Chinese boy: *nods*

Chinese boy: *walks down stop and looks at a pole, with clearly no intent to get back on the tram*

Me: 「朗维尤路是两个站的距离。跟我来,如果你喜欢。」

Chinese boy: *emphatic grunt of sudden realisation and understanding*

Chinese boy: *gets back on the tram*

Passenger Encounters #3

Passenger: “Take me to Mmkay Street.”

Passenger Encounters #2

Passenger: “Is this a (route) 112 (service)?”

Me: “No, it’s a 48.”

Passenger: “Oh.  So why does it say 48 on the front (of the tram) then?”

Me: “…well…it is a 48.”

Passenger Encounters #1

Passenger: “Is there something wrong with the air conditioning on this tram?  It’s something like five degrees warmer in here than it is outside.”

I get out and gauge the temperature in the passenger area.

Me: “Yikes, you’re right.  I’ll ‘reboot’ the tram in a couple stops when we’re out of the way of other traffic.  If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll have to try for a replacement tram at the depot.  Thank you for letting me know about this.”

Passenger gives me a look of total confusion/disgust/oppression and walks off shaking his head.  I try to work out how I could possibly have offended him with that response.