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“Sorry, I don’t speak Sanskrit”


Looks like it might be time for that scheduled service.

Help a brother out

If you program with Perl and wouldn’t mind completing a Perl programming survey, I’d appreciate it.

Blast from the past: JobSurge assignment

In the second half of 2005 (the first year of my uni degree), I took a subject called Introduction to Internet Technology.  Out of all the subjects I’ve taken so far for my degree, this one easily affected my career path the most profoundly.  It made me realise precisely where I wanted to channel my professional efforts: web programming.

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Just save the damn data

I’ve never been able to find address book software that functions quite the way I would like it to.  As a result, I’ve often considered writing my own.  But I never quite get there, because I end up generalising my ideas to the point where I have something that isn’t even an address book any more—even though that thing is still kinda cool.  And I do wonder whether that thing already exists in some online form.

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I wish I could tag my music like I tag my photos

The software I use to manage my photos is awesome; everything essentially sits in a single folder with no special naming, and the photos have “tags” (like Alex, Footscray, Kebabbage, Engrish, Moustache) associated with them.  No need to organise photos by their single most prominent trait; you can slap on as many tags as you like.

Finding photos is simple; you just work out what tags are relevant and then form a search query out of them: get me all photos taken within Balwyn featuring my two sisters, myself and a wheel of Brie—but no possums.  If you’ve been prudent with your tagging when you add photos, this works perfectly every time.

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Heads up: Apache 1.3 removed from Debian

Have you upgraded your Debian installation from Etch to Lenny?  I have.  Are you somewhat surprised to find things breaking because the apache-perl binary has disappeared?  I was.

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Reasons not to switch to Ubuntu Edgy just yet

After being so impressed with the quality and usability of Ubuntu v6.06 (Dapper Drake), I was downloading v6.10 (Edgy Eft) the moment it was available and I immediately installed it on the two computers here.  Having always experienced badness when upgrading OSes I elected to perform a clean install, and in doing so I avoided much of the grief that many others have copped (a simple Google search will give you more information on that).

I like being able to use the newer versions of things like Eclipse and Ratpoison, but my Edgy experience has otherwise been quite average.  Here are the gripes that are fresh on my mind:

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Whee, Java!

I’ve come to really enjoy Java over the past few weeks.  I recently discovered the Java Collections Framework (JCF)—

—and if you love Perl’s arrays and hashes (or Python’s lists and dictionaries) as much as I do, you’ll surely fall hard for the JCF like I did.  One thing that I wish I realised earlier though: TreeSets can’t contain two items where item1.compareTo(item2) == 0, even if !item1.equals(item2).  So watch out there or you’ll be chasing your tail for hours like I was.

I’ve also discovered that I really like Java GUI programming.  Our Software Engineering 1B assignment requires us to code a decent batch of GUIs and custom controls:

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