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Put a screen protector on your phone

Got a capacitive touch screen (or really, any touch screen) on your phone?  Then put a screen protector on it—even if you think that for one reason or another, getting your screen scratched just isn’t possible.

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What the hell?


Magic Passenger Information Display is immune to photo capture.

20 seconds ago, this sign said 9.45.  Now, it says 10.04.  Evidently it’s possible for a train to disappear off its tracks halfway to its destination.

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Car Chronicles, Ep. 2: The Garage Door

Garage door at work closed on me as I was driving through.  It won.

Besides a heap of scratching and a broken antenna, the roof is bent to buggery across the entire width of the car.  It’s probably not the best idea to have electronic circuitry exposed to the elements like that either.

Really not proving to be a great month.



Oh, the irony.  The bittersweet irony.

That’s some mighty fine laminating


You can really feel the love down at the MetShop today.

Directionally dyslexic train drivers

This is the second time I’ve been on a train at Camberwell and the driver has opened the doors on the wrong side of the train.  The thought process that must take place in the driver’s head during the entire transaction befuddles me.

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Reasons not to switch to Ubuntu Edgy just yet

After being so impressed with the quality and usability of Ubuntu v6.06 (Dapper Drake), I was downloading v6.10 (Edgy Eft) the moment it was available and I immediately installed it on the two computers here.  Having always experienced badness when upgrading OSes I elected to perform a clean install, and in doing so I avoided much of the grief that many others have copped (a simple Google search will give you more information on that).

I like being able to use the newer versions of things like Eclipse and Ratpoison, but my Edgy experience has otherwise been quite average.  Here are the gripes that are fresh on my mind:

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On spiders and faces

This hasn’t really been an issue until now, but it seems that a rule needs to be explicitly declared about this.

All spiders are strictly forbidden from biting me on the face while I’m asleep. Any party refusing to comply with this new law will be severely punished (i.e. look out if I find you in the morning).


Well, classes have started and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.  It should prove to be a much more rewarding semester this time, although I don’t know if I’m hanging around the right crowd these days… but then I guess it’s too early in the piece to be sure.

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Worst. Semester. Ever.

For many reasons.  I don’t plan to elaborate too far or even mention everything—suffice it to say that:

  • I miss everything about Bundoora: the simplicity, the atmosphere, the quiet, the people (not to suggest that I don’t appreciate and genuinely enjoy knowing the people that I have come to know here)…
  • I took on way too much teaching work; and
  • at some point I conveniently forgot why I was actually here, and my priorities flew out the window.

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