Why have I been referred to this page?

Recently, you sent one or more messages intended for someone named Alex Peters.  Unfortunately, your messages did not reach the “correct” Alex Peters.

You’re not the Alex Peters I’m after?

It is very unlikely.  If I have referred you to this page then I do not recognise your details, or your message concerns information that I know nothing about.

My About page has more information on me if you’re still not sure.  If I am in fact the Alex Peters you’re after, I apologise profusely; please let me know.

But “my” Alex Peters gave me this specific email address!

Somewhat frustratingly, one or more people besides me who are named Alex Peters seem to think that they own email addresses that they don’t.  For instance, all of these Gmail addresses belong to me (slightly masked to discourage spam bots):

  • a***.p*****@gmail.com
  • a***p*****@gmail.com
  • a***.p*****@googlemail.com
  • a***p*****@googlemail.com

I only have one Google account, but it is named after me (alex.peters) and Gmail automatically forwards all mail sent to the above addresses to me.  Gmail Help has more technical information on why all of these subtle variations all link to my Google account and not that of someone else named Alex Peters.

Can you direct me to the “correct” Alex Peters?

Unfortunately, I only have contact details for a few different other people named Alex Peters.  These people generally aren’t the ones for which I receive most email not intended for me.

I can try to help you here, and I want to help—believe me—but I can’t make any promises…yet.  See below.

Can I help to stop this from continuing to happen?

If you do manage to get a hold of the correct Alex Peters, it would help greatly if you could alert them of their distribution of incorrect contact details.  If you’re feeling really generous, you could even get them to contact me privately with their correct details so that if I receive mail for them in the future, I can redirect it.