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I’m at that point—again—where all of the little things that I feel I have to do (and even the ones I don’t) are summing up into an overbearing monster and smothering me.  The worst of it so far has hit today, where the physiological effects of it all are finally interfering with my ability to actually do my work.

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I loathe them.

Longings, emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams, expectations, ideals, optimism, pain, confusion, hatred, envy, lust… God knows why they exist—you can live a perfectly good life without them.

Without them all. But alas, no—you can always find a subset of these rearing their ugly heads at any one point in time.

Those who know me well know that my past school years are a taboo subject.  Here’s another item to add to your list.

One down, n to go.

Well, one issue on my mind has been resolved now and my head already feels lighter—I’m no longer going to give so much of a flying duck about other people’s expectations of me. More »

Yeah, about that.

Luckily, I’ve tread carefully enough not to position myself for another potential downfall, and I feel good knowing that.  Nevertheless though, I can safely say that the next month or so is going to be an emotionally taxing time for me.  Not because I want it to, I hope that’s obvious—but because pensiveness is a pastime in which I excel. More »


I’ve come home from a shift with Kateena tonight and I’m feeling so damn spectacularly great.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this good—it would have to be three months ago at the very least? More »

Hippy bumfday to me.

Today was a functional day indeed.  My noisily quarrelsome family inadvertently woke me up at 8 this morning, so I got up, got dressed, stole the car and went into the city thinking, hey, it’s my birthday so I’m gonna treat myself to a DVD burner. More »

No more of that.

I’ve finally come to the realisation that I’m putting myself through something that quite frankly I shouldn’t be.  I appreciate people’s tactfulness very much, but when I ask for honesty I really want honesty with as little tact attached as possible. More »

No sour cream past midnight.

So I’m out and it’s pretty late, and I’ve been instructed not to come home unless I’m in the company of milk and sour cream (more affectionately known by me and close friends as ‘sour cleam’; don’t worry—there’s no intellectual or questionable meaning to it).  I think to myself, no problem, there are an abundance of 24-hour supermarkets on the way home—I can hang around here for a good while longer.

I took the long, dreary way home to go past these supermarkets and they all disappointed me in a way that they’d never disappointed me before—they were all bloody shut. More »

Horns are quite entertaining.

Generally, discoveries aren’t all that significant or uplifting.  Take the one above—nothing too special about it.  But today I made a few discoveries myself that deviate from the norm. More »

I want to be buried in bills.

One day at high school, I was asked how I wanted to see myself in ten years’ time.  I said that I wanted to be buried in money.

Well, ten years aren’t up yet (they can’t possibly be) but I’m definitely buried in bills—and not of the dollar kind.  I rushed up to my local library to borrow a book and it turns out that I owe the place a whopping $50.60 in overdue fees. More »