The creative juices really are flowing now.  The design is usable, the content is streaming along, the background images are hiding somewhere and the colours are possibly temporary.  Yep, something is on the way now.  I can feel it in my bones, unless I’m an extremely young sufferer of osteoporosis.

For the time being, here are some things that should take the edge off the cravings.

  • Download my Card Trick Presentation (779KB)
    • Thanks to some stupid bug in my presentation software, some buggered code in Nullsoft Install System, or some colossal error on my part, the file is 191KB bigger than it should be.
  • Listen to William Golding speak in a Microsoft Agent voice (taken from my William Golding presentation, available shortly):
    • Hello.  My name is William Golding. (11.8KB)
    • And it is my job to introduce you to this wonderful presentation. (14.9KB)
    • More. (15.2KB)
    • More. (23.1KB)
  • Take a quick look at the books that will be available for sale, exclusive to this site.  If they’re popular, more will be put up for ‘sale’.

Rest assured though that the link bar is filling up at a reasonable rate.  And I’m not getting bored of it yet.  So drop back soon.