Today I found, in my cupboards, a lone thong with the words ‘start a savings account’ written on the bottom of it.

It really makes me wonder how this came into existence—perhaps I was sitting there one night at 2AM thinking to myself, ‘gee, I really could start a savings account… but how will I remember to do so in the morning?’ and I couldn’t find a piece of paper?  Perhaps I decided that the bottom of a green thong would suffice?

I don’t know what to do with it now.  It seems ridiculous to keep any orphaned thong, let alone one graffitied with a note-to-self; but it seems like such a waste to throw it out.  It doesn’t look like it’s even been used for its actual purpose.

So if you see me hopping around on one foot with a green thong (possibly with a McDonalds salad on the other) then you will surely understand what’s going on now.