Well, guys, it’s finally happened—I’ve finally become sick and tired of dialup Internet access.

  • Having to check that the phone’s free.
  • Having to get off because someone needs to make a call.
  • Having someone pick up the phone while I’m on and bellow ‘Oh, Alex!  You’re on the Internet!’—firstly, I know when I’m on, and secondly, try bellowing into those tones and they’ll break down and cry rather quickly.
  • Having a limit of four hours before I have to dial up again.
  • Having to wait literally weeks before that movie’s finished downloading.

That’s what made me take the plunge and go for broadband access.  Sure, it’s four times as expensive, but it’s more than four times faster!  And now I can host my website from my computer, so alexonline.tk will now live up to its name.

Also, now that alexonline.tk actually lives, it will motivate me much more to keep working on this site!  Hallelujah!