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I feel…

I have considered myself to be a person without emotions and feelings for a little while now, but I sure do seem to write ‘I feel’ a lot for such a person.  So perhaps I have been quite wrong and I’m considering not seeing myself that way anymore.

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So how are we?

To receive the answer to this with as little confusion as possible, you’ll pretty much have to disregard my verbal responses.  I will come clean now and respond with great honesty: I don’t feel right.  I don’t feel okay.  I don’t feel happy and I have no idea why.

Or, rather, I lie again.  I have an idea why I don’t feel happy but I’m pretty damn sure (and I equally hope) that it’s not this that’s getting me down so badly because I’ve been trying so hard for this not to affect me.  There are indeed other things on my mind though, regardless of whether or not they should be.

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