Today was a functional day indeed.  My noisily quarrelsome family inadvertently woke me up at 8 this morning, so I got up, got dressed, stole the car and went into the city thinking, hey, it’s my birthday so I’m gonna treat myself to a DVD burner.

The city store didn’t have one but they told me that if I drove to the airport, I could have one.  So I did.  And I got one and then I went past JB Hi-Fi and got myself some blank DVDs and got home, cooked myself some microwavable lasagne, and spent two hours under my desk inhaling and swallowing dust, losing fiddly screws, unnaturally stretching cables and scraping skin off my knuckles until I got the thing installed.

And then when I restarted the Internet refused to work, so I spent another hour uninstalling and reinstalling modem drivers and encountering many, many blue screens (keep in mind that I use Windows XP—so blue screens are a scary thing).  Anyway I reset the BIOS and I think everything’s okay now—I’ve burnt about 5 data DVDs and a music CD.  Muwahahahaaa, music CDs.  How I missed being able to burn those.  And now I can—in a tenth of the time it used to take!

And then it was dinnertime.  Tonight I ate my first home-cooked dinner in months, which was enjoyable.  And then I was gifted with tools and chocolates.  And then I went into work and locked up the store because my talented manager forgot to grace tonight’s workers with an alarm code and a key.  And now I’m home typing this up.

So thanks very much to my family, Kateena, Jess, Hannah and Thanny* for actually remembering my birthday and/or bothering to get in touch with me today and wish me well—I appreciate it more than you imagine.  And as for the rest of you… hi.

*  She’s such a lovely person.  And it’s pronounced ‘Tahnee’, thank you very much.  Don’t let me hear you pronounce it any other way.