Generally, discoveries aren’t all that significant or uplifting.  Take the one above—nothing too special about it.  But today I made a few discoveries myself that deviate from the norm.

I’ve got the entire house to myself for a few days.  No family and no method of transportation.  The last time this happened I got painfully bored and slightly depressed, not really having any friends in my local area that I can visit on foot.  So it’s great to discover that you mean enough to people that, with this knowledge, they actively make an effort to come and visit you, and spend a few hours of their time with you—or at least let you know that they’re only a phone call away.

This is a particularly uplifting experience when you don’t really know just how much you mean to someone, and hence just assume the worst until proven otherwise (which is what I do—that’s just how I work).

It’s also really great to discover that alcohol doesn’t have to be a prerequisite for a good time among my age group.  I had a great time tonight—we were laughing our heads off half the time—and not a drop of alcohol was poured.

It’s probably only the thrill of being old enough to legally buy and drink the stuff, and it’ll probably somewhat wear off eventually, but it seems that almost everyone I know only deems an outing worthy of their time if alcohol is an emphasis.  Or, any plans for a gettogether that don’t involve alcohol soon become alcohol-oriented, or even alcohol-centred.

I don’t really like this a whole lot, particularly after witnessing and hearing of too many instances where people, while drunk, have done things that they heavily regret.  Things that these people could never imagine themselves doing, in any frame of mind.

And then, there are people that mean a lot to me that really do only go out for piss-ups.  I don’t feel comfortable where the sole purpose of a night out is to get pissed, and so I never get to see these people, which upsets me.

I don’t think I’ll mind the occasional drink but I just don’t have that much interest in alcohol.  If it means that I’m going to lose friends over it (and it looks like I certainly will) then I’ll just have to cope with it.

And now for the techincal side of the news—I’ve decided that I’m going to build a simple forum for the site.  I’ve drawn up all the plans so when I get the chance, I’ll start coding.  Hopefully we’ll get some mighty interesting things going on in there…