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I feel…

I have considered myself to be a person without emotions and feelings for a little while now, but I sure do seem to write ‘I feel’ a lot for such a person.  So perhaps I have been quite wrong and I’m considering not seeing myself that way anymore.

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So how are we?

To receive the answer to this with as little confusion as possible, you’ll pretty much have to disregard my verbal responses.  I will come clean now and respond with great honesty: I don’t feel right.  I don’t feel okay.  I don’t feel happy and I have no idea why.

Or, rather, I lie again.  I have an idea why I don’t feel happy but I’m pretty damn sure (and I equally hope) that it’s not this that’s getting me down so badly because I’ve been trying so hard for this not to affect me.  There are indeed other things on my mind though, regardless of whether or not they should be.

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ARB v3.0 has been released and is available here:

  • Modified to conform to standard configuration
  • Renamed included ‘Add’, ‘Rebuild’, ‘Remove’ and ‘Edit’ aliases to ARB_Add’, ARB_Rebuild’’, ARB_Remove’’ and ‘ARB_Edit’’ respectively, as per David Troesch’s request
  • Renamed included ’‘Acronym’’ alias to ’‘Acro’’ for ease of typing
  • Added ’‘G’’, ’‘Go’’ and ‘’Eval’’ aliases—comments on their usage are included within their definitions

DownloadOriginal PowerPro discussion group message

I didn't need that.

I’ve just woken from a dream that is going to mentally screw me over quite badly for the next couple days or more—which is something I really don’t need in my current state.  My head is heavy with the already prevalent tormenting thoughts and visions as it is.

This is something I’ve successfully avoided thinking about for almost a year now and I don’t know why I’ve gone into some sort of relapse.  Funnily enough though, it’s something I always saw and feared happening.

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This release is a complete rewrite, adding the ‘Remove’ alias to the ‘Add’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Rebuild’ aliases that are included.  Also, there is no need to rebuild the entire alias cache after an add or remove through the supplied aliases, as only what’s necessary is performed.

If you wish to upgrade to this version, please note that I have renamed the ‘Refresh’ parameters and aliases to ‘Rebuild’ in an attempt to lessen the confusion as to what is performed.

DownloadOriginal PowerPro discussion group message


  • Added ‘Add’ alias, as per David Troesch’s request


  • Added Upgrading section


> File : /Scripts/
> Uploaded by : lx_peters <alex@...> 
> Description : Adds alias, auto-completion and persistent
> history functionality to the PowerPro Run box (v1.0)
> You can access this file at the URL

Due to all the recent hype about this stuff, and my failed attempts at getting the published scripts to work, I decided to have a shot at scripting something similar myself.

I take no responsibility whatsoever for the ideas, let me assure you—just the code used to get the job done. 🙂

Please let me know what you think.

DownloadOriginal PowerPro discussion group message

Oh, it tinkles.

Here’s something for you all to remember: when you’re swinging a computer monitor around over your head, pay more attention to your light fittings or you’ll have a mass of electircal wiring hanging from your ceiling and shards of glass all over the place, including your desk, your bedside table, your floor, your chair and your bed. More »

I loathe them.

Longings, emotions, feelings, hopes, dreams, expectations, ideals, optimism, pain, confusion, hatred, envy, lust… God knows why they exist—you can live a perfectly good life without them.

Without them all. But alas, no—you can always find a subset of these rearing their ugly heads at any one point in time.

Those who know me well know that my past school years are a taboo subject.  Here’s another item to add to your list.

One down, n to go.

Well, one issue on my mind has been resolved now and my head already feels lighter—I’m no longer going to give so much of a flying duck about other people’s expectations of me. More »