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Reasons not to switch to Ubuntu Edgy just yet

After being so impressed with the quality and usability of Ubuntu v6.06 (Dapper Drake), I was downloading v6.10 (Edgy Eft) the moment it was available and I immediately installed it on the two computers here.  Having always experienced badness when upgrading OSes I elected to perform a clean install, and in doing so I avoided much of the grief that many others have copped (a simple Google search will give you more information on that).

I like being able to use the newer versions of things like Eclipse and Ratpoison, but my Edgy experience has otherwise been quite average.  Here are the gripes that are fresh on my mind:

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The internship hunt is over

And what a short and sweet hunt it was, spanning a total of roughly 60 hours between me writing my first application and being accepted for a job.  (This figure does not include the weeks I spent procrastinating.)

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Whee, Java!

I’ve come to really enjoy Java over the past few weeks.  I recently discovered the Java Collections Framework (JCF)—

—and if you love Perl’s arrays and hashes (or Python’s lists and dictionaries) as much as I do, you’ll surely fall hard for the JCF like I did.  One thing that I wish I realised earlier though: TreeSets can’t contain two items where item1.compareTo(item2) == 0, even if !item1.equals(item2).  So watch out there or you’ll be chasing your tail for hours like I was.

I’ve also discovered that I really like Java GUI programming.  Our Software Engineering 1B assignment requires us to code a decent batch of GUIs and custom controls:

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Jolimont and Goldilocks are two separate things…

But I was quite amused all the same.

On my way in to uni today the computerised woman on the train said her usual thing: ‘Now arriving at Jolimont.’ What made it interesting today however was how this caused the five-year-old near my seat to react.  With a big beaming smile, he exclaimed: ‘Yaaayyy! It’s Goldilocks!’

Oh, good times… I guess you had to be there.  People always hear what they want to, I guess…

On spiders and faces

This hasn’t really been an issue until now, but it seems that a rule needs to be explicitly declared about this.

All spiders are strictly forbidden from biting me on the face while I’m asleep. Any party refusing to comply with this new law will be severely punished (i.e. look out if I find you in the morning).

Lack of sleep is bad for you…

…but then who am I to judge given my need to be up in less than six hours?  Oh well.

  • Download (768KB Ogg Vorbis)

It’s nowhere near complete (but then I never complete any of these).  It needs another track on top of what’s already there I think, but I can’t decide on a melody or an instrument and I really, really need to get to bed.


Well, classes have started and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.  It should prove to be a much more rewarding semester this time, although I don’t know if I’m hanging around the right crowd these days… but then I guess it’s too early in the piece to be sure.

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I passed everything!

Imagine my horror when I got my results for the last Software Engineering assignment (it was baaad) and remembered that assignments are a hurdle and that I did poorly on the others.  Imagine my trepidation at the thought of having to undo months of planning and rethink my entire degree while waiting on the final outcome.

Now imagine my relief when I found out for sure that I did manage to just pass that hurdle.  Looks like I’ll be sticking around as a Software Engineer after all.

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Worst. Semester. Ever.

For many reasons.  I don’t plan to elaborate too far or even mention everything—suffice it to say that:

  • I miss everything about Bundoora: the simplicity, the atmosphere, the quiet, the people (not to suggest that I don’t appreciate and genuinely enjoy knowing the people that I have come to know here)…
  • I took on way too much teaching work; and
  • at some point I conveniently forgot why I was actually here, and my priorities flew out the window.

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First post.

Just testing, mainly.  I love Perl—have I ever mentioned that?

I make absolutely no promises as to how often I will write things here.  I’ve never been good at writing fluently.  I suppose it depends on how much actually happens to me and how much I want to talk about it.