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CmdPrompt v1.0

Opens a command prompt at a location determined by the currently active window.

  • For Explorer windows this will be the location in view (if the location is accessible by the command prompt, e.g. not Control Panel).
  • For the desktop this will be the user’s Desktop folder (if running NT).
  • In all other cases this will be the window’s working directory.

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OnMultiClick v1.0

Permits separate functionality for bar buttons/tray icons on single clicks, double clicks, triple clicks etc. up to octuple (8) clicks.  Can also be applied to hotkeys with the same effect.


.OnMultiClick(1ClickCmd[, 2ClickCmd[, 3ClickCmd[, ...]]])

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BaseConv v1.0

Performs conversions between number bases such as binary, octal, decimal, hex and any other base between 2 and 36.  Works with numbers in the range of 0 to 263−1 (over 9 million trillion in decimal).



Usage examples:

decimal = .BaseConv@toDecimal("6699ff", 16)
binary = .BaseConv@fromDecimal(170, 2)
octalFromHex = .BaseConv@toAny(8, "a72e", 16)

May be useful for programmers, web designers or anyone else who
frequently works with different number systems.

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