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Whee, Java!

I’ve come to really enjoy Java over the past few weeks.  I recently discovered the Java Collections Framework (JCF)—

—and if you love Perl’s arrays and hashes (or Python’s lists and dictionaries) as much as I do, you’ll surely fall hard for the JCF like I did.  One thing that I wish I realised earlier though: TreeSets can’t contain two items where item1.compareTo(item2) == 0, even if !item1.equals(item2).  So watch out there or you’ll be chasing your tail for hours like I was.

I’ve also discovered that I really like Java GUI programming.  Our Software Engineering 1B assignment requires us to code a decent batch of GUIs and custom controls:

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Jolimont and Goldilocks are two separate things…

But I was quite amused all the same.

On my way in to uni today the computerised woman on the train said her usual thing: ‘Now arriving at Jolimont.’ What made it interesting today however was how this caused the five-year-old near my seat to react.  With a big beaming smile, he exclaimed: ‘Yaaayyy! It’s Goldilocks!’

Oh, good times… I guess you had to be there.  People always hear what they want to, I guess…