After being so impressed with the quality and usability of Ubuntu v6.06 (Dapper Drake), I was downloading v6.10 (Edgy Eft) the moment it was available and I immediately installed it on the two computers here.  Having always experienced badness when upgrading OSes I elected to perform a clean install, and in doing so I avoided much of the grief that many others have copped (a simple Google search will give you more information on that).

I like being able to use the newer versions of things like Eclipse and Ratpoison, but my Edgy experience has otherwise been quite average.  Here are the gripes that are fresh on my mind:

  • My computer likes to freeze rock-solid at some point after the screen saver kicks in.  Sometimes I can SSH into it from another computer and restart GNOME; sometimes that doesn’t help and I have to request a reboot.  Sometimes I can’t even SSH in and I have to pull the power plug.
  • The text-mode terminals no longer clear the screen on logout, but that’s the least of the text-mode terminal issues that I’ve faced.
  • On my computer, the ‘text-mode’ terminals seem to have been changed so that they’re actually graphically based somehow—the font is really weird—and as a result if I try to drop into a text-mode terminal my computer will sometimes instead present me with a screen full of purple-ish and grey-ish noise.
  • On the other computer, at random times if you ‘accidentally’ move the mouse to the top right-hand corner of the screen, you get the same purple-ish noise all over the screen as mentioned above.  If you then move the mouse around wildly for a little while everything seems to go back to normal.
  • GNOME likes to present some random non-existent floppy drive in the Places menu due to a bogus entry in /etc/fstab, which now seems to take care of business using 128-bit UUIDs.  What the?
  • GNOME doesn’t let me assign Ctrl+Alt+Del (or any keyboard combination for that matter) to the Log Out action.
  • It no longer seems possible to disable rebooting and shutting down from the login screen without also disabling the XDMCP chooser (and I could swear I was able to do this before, but maybe not…).
  • It seems necessary to hack around in GConf to disable suspension and hibernation.
  • GNOME likes to open some random number of Home Folder windows when a user logs in.  Sometimes it’s none; sometimes it’s six—often it’s a number inbetween.
  • There is no longer a Disks administration applet, apparently due to the fact that no one maintains it anymore.  Great, but no alternative is installed by default in its place.

All in all, Edgy has proven to be quite unusable for all of us here.  I was a total moron to rush off and overwrite a perfectly working system without testing it first.  I suppose I should have acknowledged beforehand that Edgy isn’t meant to meet the standards of Dapper as a distribution since Dapper is a long-term release and Edgy has gone through some substantial under-the-hood changes, but at the same time I feel that Edgy really shouldn’t have been released in this state—surely some of this stuff should have been picked up?

And now to go and re-install Dapper…  I hate sitting in front of computers installing and configuring software for any long period of time…