And what a short and sweet hunt it was, spanning a total of roughly 60 hours between me writing my first application and being accepted for a job.  (This figure does not include the weeks I spent procrastinating.)

Thankfully the semester is also over.  I’m glad to be out of there and I’m looking forward to the year away from study.

As of this past Thursday afternoon, I will be completing my internship with  My official title will be ‘Software Developer’ (apparently not all students end up doing the same sorts of things on their internships).  I will be working primarily with Perl.  I will get a chance to participate in various areas of the software development process (I really didn’t want to be stuck testing for a year) and the place is situated right next to Ikea—perfect for when I need furniture (which will be soon) and cheap lunches (which will probably be just after I get that furniture).

The same building houses Vega FM.  It would be awesome to bump into Shaun Micallef at some point.