For many reasons.  I don’t plan to elaborate too far or even mention everything—suffice it to say that:

  • I miss everything about Bundoora: the simplicity, the atmosphere, the quiet, the people (not to suggest that I don’t appreciate and genuinely enjoy knowing the people that I have come to know here)…
  • I took on way too much teaching work; and
  • at some point I conveniently forgot why I was actually here, and my priorities flew out the window.

Some really good things did come out of it, but at any rate I’m glad to see it finished and I wish I could spend longer away before returning for what will follow.

The threat of failing one of my courses this semester is very real.  I’m not looking forward to seeing my results.  I just finished transferring into this damn degree; if I do fail anything I’ll have to transfer back pretty much.  Either that or defer again (also a very tangible possibility, and also very tempting right now).

Assuming that all goes well though, look out next semester—I’m going to be doing things very, very differently.

In other news, so far this week I have spent over $900 on new musical equipment including a new synth, a new (freakingly expensive but apparently really good) sound card, pedals and many, many cables.  I wasn’t planning on doing so this week and it’s not like I can afford it, but I’ve been wanting to for years anyway and given my current desire for distractions…