I’d successfully avoided succumbing to the MySpace hype for years now, but curiosity finally has the better of me—217,957,982 people had signed up for a MySpace account before I gave in, and surely they can’t all be wrong.

So will it be worth it?  I don’t know.  Truthfully, I barely know what a MySpace account actually offers.  Perhaps since you’re reading this you actually know me, or want to talk to me for some other reason, and maybe you’ll play a part in showing me what it’s all about.

Or you can just not—it’s all good.

As for whether I’ll ever write another blog post or fill out my profile, that’s probably up to you as well.  Do you have any ideas?  What questions would you like answered?  Would you like to see me write about something in particular?

Please feel free to leave some comments and get me started. 🙂