The other day I discovered just how much of other people’s junk we have lying around at the DP desk, and I figured we needed to do something about it.  When I got home that day, creativity struck and this was the result:

Lost Something?

I built this using Draw.  Lost Property Woman™ is a randomly generated face from monoface.  I wanted something attention-getting enough that people would notice it stuck to the wall rather than just write it off as one more meaningless poster out the corner of their eye.

They seem to be working too—people are coming to collect their lost property.

The people in the Design labs (who also seem to be the source of most of our lost property) seemed to be the most interested by the posters as I was putting them up.  They were all rather bubbly and excited as they gathered around the pile, which amused me quite a bit.  Apparently the posters in those labs have since been defaced and had to be pulled down.  Oh, those crazy Design students.