EdgeCurve.com runs a semi-regular game where a photo is posted and people compete to submit the funniest caption for it.  Take a look at the archives to get an idea of the pictures and captions submitted in the past.

At some point it was decided that archived entries should feature a banner ad between their photos and their captions.  I don’t think these ads were ever expected to trump the user-submitted captions in awesomeness though.

Certainly looks organic to me.

Certainly looks organic to me.

This was taken from round #197.  Presumably the ads are selected based on the text content of the page (i.e. the user-submitted captions).  Google’s ad servers have obviously seen all this talk of digging, eco-friendliness and planting bulbs, and selected what seems to be the right ad for the target audience.  They probably don’t know how spot-on they were in this instance.

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Mr. EdgeCurve himself was amused enough by this idea to look through the archives for other “appropriate” ads, and came across this one (thanks for sending!):

Targeted advertising win 2