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Getting a little too domestic

You know that things are going downhill for you as a young male when:

  1. you look forward to getting home so you can vacuum the house;
  2. you get excited at the idea of learning how to fold fitted sheets;
  3. you dream at night that you somehow found a way to rid the walls of those stubborn scuff marks; and
  4. you sadden when you realise that it was indeed just a dream.

Likened to a Locust: another attempt, another approach

“If I liken you to a locust, I’m probably not trying to be nice.  Then again, if I liken you to a locust, I probably have quite a good reason.  Just a heads-up.”

This is an amusing quip I made on Facebook recently under the influence of heavy fatigue.  It’s the only thing I’ve written recently that sounded remotely suitable for the title of this, my fourth online journal incarnation.

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