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And neither do two

People have differences.  Sometimes, depending on the relationship between two people, the processing of these differences hurts.  Sometimes it hurts badly enough that the best solution seems to be indefinite time apart.

In the relatively distant past, someone close to me made that decision for us.  That decision still stands, because I respect their wishes and no longer have any means of knowing if those wishes change.  Recently, I was planning to make that decision with someone else.  Because it was my decision this time though, I spent many hours reflecting on it first.

And through this reflection I realised that with no committed view to restoring it, “temporarily” terminating a relationship with someone—whether friendship or otherwise—is neither temporary nor a solution at all.

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After hours

El Chombo: Chacarron Macarron

My life was not completely fulfilled before I came across this video.  Thanks, Emily.

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