Trains to South Africa instead of to Lalor.  Magda Szubanski is a station master with an Irish accent, and she’s getting sick of That Guy always speeding through her station disregarding the signals.  How dangerous of him!  She decides to take matters into her own hands when she sees him rocketing down the rails towards her station once again, and sets all the signals to red.  He goes crashing into all of the crossing gates while trying to stop and learns his lesson.

Then, she decides to try inventing a new mode of transportation: the motorcycle.  The first iteration proves a disappointment with the motor being way too weak.  The next iteration proves unsatisfactory when she goes flying along the tracks—so fast, in fact, that the movie’s CGI renderer can’t even keep up with her.  (Perhaps that was the intended effect to show just how fast she was going, you see.)

But why was she doing all of this inventing at night?

Then, it was discovered that Keon Park wasn’t historically a main part of the Epping line. It used to be a goods dock located to the north of the main line (because magically the Epping line ran from west to east now) with an extra line tacked onto the east side (which was originally a terminus) to allow through passenger trains.

And then Reservoir was redeveloped into two different stations—one in Bundoora, perhaps?  And some massive residential building had its ground floor gutted to make room for the station concourse.  Classy.

What does it all mean, Basil?  Why can’t my dreams just make sense?