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“Sorry, I don’t speak Sanskrit”


Looks like it might be time for that scheduled service.

Passenger Encounters #1

Passenger: “Is there something wrong with the air conditioning on this tram?  It’s something like five degrees warmer in here than it is outside.”

I get out and gauge the temperature in the passenger area.

Me: “Yikes, you’re right.  I’ll ‘reboot’ the tram in a couple stops when we’re out of the way of other traffic.  If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll have to try for a replacement tram at the depot.  Thank you for letting me know about this.”

Passenger gives me a look of total confusion/disgust/oppression and walks off shaking his head.  I try to work out how I could possibly have offended him with that response.

Tasker: like crack for your Android phone

A good while back (like last May), I promised a couple people that I’d write about some of my most respected Android apps.  Here comes my first post towards fulfilling that promise.

Tasker is, without question, my favourite app of all time at this stage.  It’s a productivity/automation tool to watch for certain circumstances and then respond by performing certain actions. More »