Woman at city stop: “A Chinese boy at the back of the tram needs to get to Longview Road in North Balwyn.  I think it’s near the end of the line.”

Me: “Okay.”  *makes mental note to research Longview Road on phone at terminus*

Chinese boy at end of line: *wanders around stop aimlessly*

Me: “Are you looking for Longview Road?”

Chinese boy: *nods*

Me: *researches Longview Road on phone*

Me: “Longview Road is two stops back.  If you jump back on the tram I can take you there.  It will be on the right when you get off.”

Chinese boy: *nods*

Chinese boy: *walks down stop and looks at a pole, with clearly no intent to get back on the tram*

Me: 「朗维尤路是两个站的距离。跟我来,如果你喜欢。」

Chinese boy: *emphatic grunt of sudden realisation and understanding*

Chinese boy: *gets back on the tram*