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Alex vs. the juice bar: BYO soy milk

Juice bar sign: “Grab these smoothies with full cream milk, skim milk or soy milk.”

Me: “I’ll have a #12 with soy milk, please.”

Juice girl: “We don’t offer soy milk; only full cream or skim.”

Me: “You sure?  Your sign suggests otherwise.”

Juice girl: “No.  Only full cream or skim.”

Me: “…if I go to Coles and buy my own soy milk, will you make it with soy?”

Juice girl: “I have to check…yes, that’s okay.”

I go to Coles, purchase a carton of soy milk, then hand it to the juice girl.  My dream of a smoothie with soy milk—as advertised—was realised.  No discount for supplying my own ingredients.  (I did get the remainder of the milk back though.)

My goals from 2005, and how they’ve transpired

In my seemingly eternal quest to “rid my life of clutter,” I’ve come across a list of goals I prepared as part of a personal development exercise I did in 2005:

What I would like to be, do or have in the next five years

  • Assume no obstacles between the present and anything desired for accomplishment
  • Include endeavours abandoned in the past
  • Let the imagination run wild
  • Go for quantity over quality

I figure that it might be intriguing to go over those goals now to see how well I’ve spent my last seven-ish years, and consider how my goals as of now may differ. More »

Most What?

"Most Afforbable [sic]: the Best Solid Investment Is in Bricks & Mortar"

Corner Clarendon St and Victoria Pde, East Melbourne.  Not sure whether this is some sort of inside joke or really poor proofreading.

Spotted this several weeks ago, actually.  Shame the taggers got to it before my camera did. More »

When everyone else is asleep

One of my favourite times to work is really, really early in the morning.

Practical perks include enjoying your lunch break while everyone else is still making their way to work, finishing when others are going to lunch and being free in the afternoon to do whatever you please.

But to be out and about before sunrise is why I keep doing them—I simply can’t find a way to describe how beautiful I find the serenity, the near silence, the way the shadows fall and the colours of the sky as the sun prepares for the day.

And sadly, my phone camera struggles just as much to convey the real beauty of these moments as I see them. More »