Profile pic (2009-09-05)I’m Alex Peters, a 27-year-old guy living and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

Once upon a time, I studied Computer Science and wrote software for computers.  Sometimes I still get excited by technology.  But now, I drive trams.

I’m a fan of comedy—stand-up, improvised, anything really.  And pasta.  I like stupid PG-rated comedy movies too.  I like to laugh.  I laugh at odd things sometimes, and often others don’t necessarily laugh with me.

I like to bowl, play pool, eat out, take photos, drive, and perhaps more.  But those are things I can think of right now.  I dislike Daylight Savings Time and cinema snack prices.

As for the rest, even I’m still trying to work that out.  My posts (or at least the reasonably recent ones) might offer better insight into my mind.  I’m also happy to be asked about pretty much anything as well.  Otherwise, I have vague plans but no real idea where I’m heading in life yet—I’m just taking every day as it comes for now, and I’m happy doing so.