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Alias Run Box (ARB) is a PowerPro extension which is intended as a replacement for the standard Windows Run box, with the additional ability to execute PowerPro commands as one-word aliases.

Written by Alex Peters, 13/6/2005

Allows execution of aliases with parameter passing.  Also accepts PowerPro commands, programs, folders, documents and Internet resources for execution.

Aliases may exist as labels within the ARB script and/or as external scripts matching a user-specified wildcard.  For those not interested in backward compatibility with internal aliases an ‘external’ edition without that facility is included.

Major differences to v3.2:

  • Aliases can be stored externally.
  • New internal aliases are automatically recognised.
  • The ARB box defaults to its last used command string.
  • Programmatic alias manipulation (ARB_Add etc.) is not included.

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Alias Run Box (ARB) v3.2

ARB (Alias Run Box) v3.2 is now available at:

No parts of the script require Standard Configuration anymore and should work with any PowerPro v4.1 configuration.

Changes since v3.1:

  • The ARB_Add, ARB_Remove and Eval aliases no longer require Standard Configuration to be enforced in order to work properly
  • The ARB_Rebuild and ARB_Edit aliases now execute without error
  • The Eval alias will now output to a message box if invoked with Shift+Enter

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Alias Run Box (ARB) v3.1

ARB (Alias Run Box) v3.1 is now available at:

The script no longer assumes Standard Configuration, and so it should work without modification for anyone running PowerPro v4.1, with the exception of the ARB_Add, ARB_Remove and Eval aliases.  These currently require Standard Configuration to be enabled in order to use them, but disabling Standard Configuration will not interfere with the rest of the script.

A new version addressing this will be released soon.

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ARB v3.0 has been released and is available here:

  • Modified to conform to standard configuration
  • Renamed included ‘Add’, ‘Rebuild’, ‘Remove’ and ‘Edit’ aliases to ARB_Add’, ARB_Rebuild’’, ARB_Remove’’ and ‘ARB_Edit’’ respectively, as per David Troesch’s request
  • Renamed included ’‘Acronym’’ alias to ’‘Acro’’ for ease of typing
  • Added ’‘G’’, ’‘Go’’ and ‘’Eval’’ aliases—comments on their usage are included within their definitions

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This release is a complete rewrite, adding the ‘Remove’ alias to the ‘Add’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Rebuild’ aliases that are included.  Also, there is no need to rebuild the entire alias cache after an add or remove through the supplied aliases, as only what’s necessary is performed.

If you wish to upgrade to this version, please note that I have renamed the ‘Refresh’ parameters and aliases to ‘Rebuild’ in an attempt to lessen the confusion as to what is performed.

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  • Added ‘Add’ alias, as per David Troesch’s request


  • Added Upgrading section


> File : /Scripts/
> Uploaded by : lx_peters <alex@...> 
> Description : Adds alias, auto-completion and persistent
> history functionality to the PowerPro Run box (v1.0)
> You can access this file at the URL

Due to all the recent hype about this stuff, and my failed attempts at getting the published scripts to work, I decided to have a shot at scripting something similar myself.

I take no responsibility whatsoever for the ideas, let me assure you—just the code used to get the job done. 🙂

Please let me know what you think.

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