ColourSpy v3.1

ColourSpy v3.1 is now available at:

The ColourSpy script no longer assumes Standard Configuration, and so it should work without modification for anyone running PowerPro v4.1.

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Bugger it all.

I have decided that I am happy and that I have nothing to complain about.  One of the implications here is that I feel it necessary to block out most (or more if possible) thoughts regarding anything to do with [her].  Until I decide that enough is enough, in order to live up to what I have declared it will be necessary for me to neglect documenting anything to do with [her], since I will have supposedly terminated any germinating thoughts before they can develop to something worth noting down.

I had decided that I was happy when I wrote that, but now I really am not.  Nothing at all is going my way this week and I feel like crap again.  I am completely unsatisfied (understatement alert) with my life and everything in it.

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Viruses, tickets and Boost! Oh my!

[She] decided to tell me how she had felt about me when she was going through a rough time with [him].  Was it because she felt we were friends enough for her to share that with me, and it was just conveniently timed given the events that had taken place?  Or perhaps it was because she strongly felt that her relationship was over?

Since my last real post I’ve had quite some exciting things happening to me—perhaps I should post entries more often.

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Facelift, anyone?

Quick, put all my personal problems aside for the moment—the site’s going to undergo a new look.

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Only 65.9 years to go!

My heart’s racing away at 1000mph, my brain pulses and aches, my stomach churns away and my neck burns.  I lie here nauseously, shivering violently in a cold sweat.

It’s five in the morning and I’ve been in bed for so long.  Work is now a mere matter of hours away and I will have had no sleep when I walk though those doors.  Why does this happen to me so often?  What am I freaking out about?  I’m not consciously thinking of anything at the moment.  I have no reason to feel like this!

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ColourSpy v3.0

ColourSpy v3.0 has been uploaded, and is available from:

Major changes to the last version include conformity to standard configuration; use of the CL.Functions() to build a dynamic bar when needed, resulting in the bar no longer being stored in the .PCF file; and the script has been heavily commented to offer insight into how it all works.

It is necessary to uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

For those who haven’t heard of ColourSpy, the ColourSpy bar will display the RGB and hex values of the colour underneath the mouse cursor, similar to most eyedropper tools that you can find around with the exception that this one is programmed entirely in PowerPro.

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I feel…

I have considered myself to be a person without emotions and feelings for a little while now, but I sure do seem to write ‘I feel’ a lot for such a person.  So perhaps I have been quite wrong and I’m considering not seeing myself that way anymore.

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So how are we?

To receive the answer to this with as little confusion as possible, you’ll pretty much have to disregard my verbal responses.  I will come clean now and respond with great honesty: I don’t feel right.  I don’t feel okay.  I don’t feel happy and I have no idea why.

Or, rather, I lie again.  I have an idea why I don’t feel happy but I’m pretty damn sure (and I equally hope) that it’s not this that’s getting me down so badly because I’ve been trying so hard for this not to affect me.  There are indeed other things on my mind though, regardless of whether or not they should be.

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ARB v3.0 has been released and is available here:

  • Modified to conform to standard configuration
  • Renamed included ‘Add’, ‘Rebuild’, ‘Remove’ and ‘Edit’ aliases to ARB_Add’, ARB_Rebuild’’, ARB_Remove’’ and ‘ARB_Edit’’ respectively, as per David Troesch’s request
  • Renamed included ’‘Acronym’’ alias to ’‘Acro’’ for ease of typing
  • Added ’‘G’’, ’‘Go’’ and ‘’Eval’’ aliases—comments on their usage are included within their definitions

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I didn't need that.

I’ve just woken from a dream that is going to mentally screw me over quite badly for the next couple days or more—which is something I really don’t need in my current state.  My head is heavy with the already prevalent tormenting thoughts and visions as it is.

This is something I’ve successfully avoided thinking about for almost a year now and I don’t know why I’ve gone into some sort of relapse.  Funnily enough though, it’s something I always saw and feared happening.

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